EA teases unannounced remake and major IP for early 2023 launch

EA plans to release a slate of four games in early 2023, and the list includes an unannounced remake as well as a release in a “major IP.”

The company teased its release plans in a PDF (opens in new tab) presentation ahead of Tuesday’s Q4 2022 earnings call, noting the planned launches for F1 22 in Q1, FIFA and Madden NFL in Q2, and Need for Speed and NHL in Q3 2022. Listed under Q4, which runs from January through March of 2023, are:

  • PJA Tour
  • Major IP
  • Partner Title
  • Remake
  • Sports Title

You might assume the remake is referring to the Dead Space remake, but EA clearly states in the slide’s footnotes that these Q4 launches haven’t been “publicly disclosed,” and the Dead Space remake was very much disclosed during last year’s EA Play event. Curiously, the last we heard was that the Dead Space remake was targeting an early 2023 release date, but EA doesn’t mention it at all in its presentation, which could mean it’s coming later than expected.

As for the major IP, it’s possible EA is teasing Dragon Age 4 or Mass Effect 5, but again, both of those games have been announced publicly. Though, neither one has really been given a full-blown trailer or official title, so it’s a little more likely that a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age game is in the cards for early 2023.

The unannounced partner title and sports game, however, are completely both up in the air. We know EA opened a new studio in Seattle, Washington with Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto leading the charge on a new FPS game, so maybe that’s the partner title? We’ll have to wait and see.

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