How to eject an Xbox Series X disc

If you need to know how to eject an Xbox Series X disc, we’ve got you covered with this guide. The Xbox Series X is a big console with a clearly visible disc drive and a clean exterior with few buttons, but the lack of markings for said buttons means their functions are not particularly clear. As a result, ejecting discs out of your Xbox Series X if you want to switch games or movies, isn’t as obvious as it should be, although it is very simple. Now that you’ve found one of the Xbox Series X deals to suit your needs, here’s how to eject an Xbox Series X disc if you need to switch games. 

How to eject a Xbox Series X disc

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If you’re looking at the console head-on when it is in a vertical orientation (which is recommended, to better help with cooling and ventilation), draw your eyes to the little black button just above the disc drive. Pressing this button just the once is how to eject a Xbox Series X disc, so give it a little click (and a second or two) and you should see your disc returned safely. 

If you want to avoid touching your console and pressing buttons, there’s an alternate method you can use. From the main Xbox Series X dashboard or in My Games and Apps, you can hover over the tile for your disc-based media and press the “X” button on your controller. This will eject an Xbox Series X disc, but you’ll still need to get up off your couch to retrieve it – it’ll feed back into the drive automatically after a few seconds. 

And that’s it! Couldn’t be easier, once you know how. Microsoft’s new console has a wide-range of support for backwards compatible titles, so you may want to know what discs work in an Xbox Series X before you go trying to jam any old thing in its drive. If you’re wondering what the other buttons on the front of the console do, you’re likely looking at the pairing button. Not only does it conceal an IR blaster for universal remotes for Xbox, you’ll want to use that button to use your existing peripherals. The Xbox Series X controller and accessory compatibility is far-reaching, and if you’re struggling with anything it might be worth checking our guidance on how to pair an Xbox Series X controller.

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