Sony announces another Spider-Man spin-off with Bad Bunny to play El Muerto

Sony has announced a new Spider-Man spin-off at CinemaCon: El Muerto, starring Bad Bunny. 

According to Deadline (opens in new tab), Bad Bunny himself chose the character. The report says that the actor/singer was looking for a superhero property, and, after meetings meant to find him a starring role, he ultimately found the right character in El Muerto after searching through Spider-Man’s collection of characters. 

El Muerto doesn’t have a long comic book history – in fact, he’s only appeared twice. A professional wrestler, he went head to head with Spider-Man in a match and was accidentally poisoned by the hero. Spidey then helped El Muerto fight off his nemesis El Dorado. As for powers, the wrestler wears a mask that gives him super strength. Bad Bunny is also a wrestler, so the role seems a perfect fit. 

Plot details are non-existent at the moment, though Deadline’s report indicates that Sony wants to move quickly because Bad Bunny has a busy schedule. He can soon be seen in Bullet Train, which the report suggests could have led to his superhero role in the same way Aaron Taylor-Johnson got his Kraven the Hunter part because of the action movie. 

Sony also announced that Venom 3 is in the works, which joins the Kraven film and the upcoming Madame Web, which stars Dakota Johnson, on the live-action release slate. The Morbius post-credits scenes also set-up Sony’s version of the Sinister Six, so we’ll surely see that team-up soon. There’s also Across the Spider-Verse and the recently announced third movie Beyond the Spider-Verse still to come. 

El Muerto releases on January 12, 2024. In the meantime, check out our guide to all of 2022’s major movie release dates for everything this year has in store for us. 

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