Elden Ring fashion show blends brilliant and bizarre this weekend

Elden Ring’s community is holding its first-ever fashion showcase in the spirit of Fashion Souls.

Earlier this week, a moderator on the Elden Ring subreddit posted the information just below, revealing that the official fashion showcase for the community would be taking place later this week. Top entries for the Knights and Cosplay categories have now been assembled, and voting will be commencing June 3 – 5.

Right now, there are ten contestants from both categories entering the Elden Ring fashion extravaganza. When voting kicks off later this week, however, there’ll be five contestants from both categories entering the first round on Friday, and five contestants entering the second round on Saturday. Two victors from each round will move onto the grand final on Sunday, where a winner will be determined.

And oh my god, the contestants here are enough to turn heads at New York Fashion Week. First up, we’ve got the contestants from the Knights category, which is basically challenging people to dress up as extravagantly as possible with in-game gear, combining different armor and weapons from various sets to make one gorgeous look.

There are the likes of our feathered friend Bird Knight (opens in new tab), the imposing Leper Queen (opens in new tab), and the fiery Varos, Banished Dragonslayer (opens in new tab) to contend with in the Knights category. Meanwhile, in the Cosplay category, entrants are tasked with dressing up as real-life or fictional characters, but only using in-game gear from the vast world of Elden Ring. There’s no cheating with mods here.

We’ve got entrants including massive man Moses (opens in new tab) with two big stone tablets, a picture-perfect Witch Queen (opens in new tab) from The Lord of the Rings, a very honorable player as Knight Solaire (opens in new tab), and even a duo dressing up as Kratos and Atreus (opens in new tab) from 2018’s God of War. There’s a brilliant and bizarre bunch of creations on offer here, and we can’t wait to see who emerges as the victor this weekend. 

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