Elden Ring modder fills the mysterious DLC colosseum with warring enemies

An Elden Ring modder has uncovered secrets about the mysterious Leyndell Colosseum.

As you can see in the extensive video below, Sekiro Dubi delves into the imposing Leyndell Colosseum, restoring the nearby Site of Grace and internal enemies that would’ve been in the Colosseum had it made it into the final game. There are three Colosseum structures you can find throughout the world of Elden Ring, in Leyndell, Limgrave, and Caelid, but this video is strictly exploring the former.

In short, these Colosseums were cut from the final version of Elden Ring. Sekiro Dubi and other modders might’ve been able to trick their way into the gigantic structures, but they’ve very much been left empty and abandoned in the finished version of FromSoftware’s game, with no way to actually enter the buildings and explore them.

Still, we can get a good look at what would’ve happened in the Colosseums via videos like these. Sekiro Dubi’s video shows enemies duking it out in the Leyndell Colosseum, as we can see the likes of a deadly lion and intimidating warrior going head to head in the video above.

In short, Sekiro Dubi and others believe the Colosseums could well be added in as DLC for Elden Ring. Sekiro Dubi and others believe the Colosseums are remnants of Elden Ring’s past, and if we do head their in a DLC, we’d be going back into the past to live out the glory days of the Colosseums. There’s no guarantee that this will ever come to pass, as the Colosseums might simply remain inaccessible forever, but we can dream.

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