Elden Ring player asks duel opponents to jump to their deaths, players respond enthusiastically

An Elden Ring player is conducting a social experiment with enemy players, and it’s been a resounding success so far.

As the Elden Ring subreddit post just below explains, one player has been putting on a trust experiment over the last few days. The player has renamed their character to “Jump With Me,” and puts down a duelling PvP summon sign on the floor. When an enemy player invades their world, the two players jump to their deaths together.

So far at least, this trust exercise has been a massive success for the player. They reveal that in the time they spent dealing with enemy players, not a single one stopped for even a split second before plummeting to their untimely demise with the original player, going out in perhaps a spark, rather than a blaze of glory.

This has to be the ultimate social experiment for Elden Ring’s massive player base. Elden Ring’s players, and FromSoftware’s wider players at large, have always been into weird social trends and other eclectic experimentations, hence why the Elden Ring meta has been evolving so rapidly in the months since it first launched.

Here’s hoping there’s trends and experiments aplenty in the months following to rival this Jump With Me exercise in Elden Ring yet.

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