Elden Ring player dies in the most painful way possible

An Elden Ring player had victory snatched from them in an almost-unthinkable way.

Just below, you can see an uber-popular TikTok which emerged over the past weekend, in the wake of Elden Ring’s release. It depicts a player taking on the Night’s Cavalry, and incredibly difficult and challenging boss in the open world of Elden Ring, and they die before taking out the intimidating boss in one of the worst ways imaginable.

It’s really, really easy to lose track of your surroundings in Elden Ring, especially when you’re fighting a boss like the Tree Sentinel or Flying Dragon Agheel. Bosses like these can cover a lot of ground very quickly, dragging fights out of their original arenas and into the surrounding areas, resulting in the dire clip just above.

Our hearts go out to this unfortunate Tarnished. We wish them the best of luck whenever they end up storming back to the Night’s Cavalry to face them down again, if they can actually make it back to the boss after this painful defeat. Given Elden Ring’s dire difficulty levels and heart pounding gameplay, you can probably expect a fair few more clips like this in the near future.

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