Elden Ring player finds proof jellyfish are actually dead children

Your Jellyfish Spirit Summon in Elden Ring has their very own grave, and a heart wrenching backstory.

Okay, brace yourselves. In Elden Ring, the cycle of birth and death is completely broken, ruined by the shattering of the Elden Ring. Consequently, people don’t just simply die and vanish into the afterlife (or whatever actually does await them), but one interesting question remains unanswered: what happens to children?

It turns out, children become jellyfish when they die in Elden Ring. Yes, those jellyfish you’ve been killing throughout Elden Ring are actually children, who can’t die ordinarily. Instead, they’re sort of cast into a weird purgatory, which renders them to appear like jellyfish for some ungodly reason.

This includes your Jellyfish Spirit Summon. The jellyfish in particular that you’ve been summoning an as ally in The Lands Between is called Aurelia, and as it happens, one player actually found their grave in Elden Ring. In the Mountaintop Cemetery region of Elden Ring, you can find a grave dedicated to Aurelia and Aureliette. 

As it turns out, one real-world species of jellyfish is actually called Aurelia. So Aurelia’s name sort of translates to jellyfish, in a strange twist. This, as one commenter on the subreddit post above put it, is sort of like calling a fish “fishy.” 

But it doesn’t end there! It turns out you can actually reunite the sisters: as the video below showcases, Aureliette is awaiting Aurelia at the Stargazers’ Ruins near the north of Freezing Lake. All you need do is speak to the former in jellyfish form at the Ruins, then summon the latter as you would do for battle. 

Yeah, perhaps we’ll be needing a trip to the turtle pope to redeem ourselves after finding this out. Elden Ring hides many tragic details behind the scenes, but perhaps none are so tragic as the jellyfish you’ve been murdering throughout the game, and the Spirit Summon you’ve been using, are actually dead children.

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