Elden Ring player skilfully recreates Geralt from The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 and Elden Ring are two of the biggest and best action RPGs available, and one fan has brilliantly brought them together with a Tarnished that’s the spitting image of the White Wolf. 

The video, shared by Fatg0d on the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab), explains how they recreated the Witcher’s signature style. ‘Geralt’ sports the Prisoner Clothing chest armour, complete with leather boots and gloves, and wields the Banished Knight’s Greatsword and the Claymore.

Fatg0d’s creation not only looks exactly like Geralt but fights like him too. As the footage shows, they wildly swing their sword and swiftly dodge to safety using Quickstep. The Witcher’s magical signs are also brilliantly recreated using skills and items found in Elden Ring. For instance, Flames of the Redmanes spews out fire like Igni, while the Opaline Bubbletear grants a protective bubble, much like Quen. 

recreating_geralts_fighting_style_in_elden_ring from r/Eldenring

This Elden Ring fans’ attempt at adding Geralt to the Lands Between is certainly very impressive, but as one Reddit user pointed out, it’s missing something very important if it wants to offer the complete Witcher 3 experience: Geralt’s not so trusty steed, Roach. 

“Now you just need Torrent to teleport onto rooftops, through the ground and just generally float upwards at times for the Roach build!” writes MegaWaffle. While user, Blackth0rn17 took the opportunity to throw some shade at Geralt’s showy yet highly impractical sword moves, “I was honestly expecting it to just be a video of someone spamming that ash of war that does a spinning attack.”

Geralt isn’t the only famous face spotted in the Land Between. Elden Ring modders have added Darth Vader to the game, which you can pair with a lightsaber mod for the ultimate Elden Ring and Star Wars crossover.

CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the next instalment in The Witcher series is currently in development. Here’s everything we know so far about The Witcher 4.

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