Elden Ring players are getting banned for picking up Fias hacked underwear

Beware, ye Tarnished: some Elden Ring players are dropping hacked skivvies that could get you soft-banned from the game and even require you to delete your save files.

A few weeks ago, players found a way to equip Fia AKA Hug Lady’s skimpy underwear, because of course they did. The cursed pair of undies is only obtainable through cheats, but players are now coming across it unbeknownst to its dangers.

after_220_hours_i_pick_up_some_underwear_and_its from r/Eldenring

As Vice (opens in new tab) reports, the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab) is rife (opens in new tab) with reports (opens in new tab) from players (opens in new tab) who apparently stumbled across the undies in multiplayer, picked them up, and were subsequently slapped with soft bans from Bandai Namco. 

Reddit user Ok-Communication7125 tells a sadly familiar story of encountering a player named “pantsu dealer” and picking up an item called Deathbed Smalls. Shortly thereafter, their account was locked under a soft ban, and following an exchange with a Bandai Namco representative, Ok-Communication7125 was told to “delete all game files and reinstall the game to make sure that your account doesn’t get suspended for 180 days.”

We’ve reached out to Bandai Namco for clarification, but for now it remains unclear whether these folks will have their bans lifted. For now, follow the same general rule you would hopefully practice in real life: don’t pick up any strange underwear you find on the ground.

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