How the Elden Ring respec system works to change your stats

The Elden Ring respec system lets change your character stats and rebuild whatever you’ve created. By using Larval Tears you can reset all the skill points you have and respend them in different ways. However, you’ll need to defeat a specific boss first to unlock the ability, as well as find the Tears you need to pay for the process. 

It’s an incredibly powerful system, whether you want to tune your build or scrap it and start over completely. To help you take advantage of it all we’ll cover everything you need here, including which boss you’ll need to find and defeat, and where to find Larval Tears. With the information we have here you’ll soon be able to tweak, alter or rebuild characters entirely from scratch by re-spending every point you’ve ever earned in Elden Ring. So here’s how the respec system works. 

How to respec in Elden Ring and change your stats

Elden Ring respec larval tears

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Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

Elden Ring main bosses required

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If you want to respec, you’ll need to know how to beat Rennala in Elden Ring. Check our guide on how to conquer this powerful sorceress!

To respec your stats in Elden Ring you need to talk to a character called Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. However, Rennala isn’t just an average character – she’s a major boss in the game who needs to be beaten first, at which point she’ll be pacified into a friendly NPC.

Rennala can be found at the highest point of Elden Ring’s Raya Lucaria Academy, the massive sorcerous structure in the centre of Liurnia of the Lakes, the watery zone North of Stormveil that unlocks after you’ve beaten Godrick. Specifically you’re looking for the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, the boss arena in which Rennala is fought (well, partly where she’s fought). 

Once the boss fight is over, she’ll be a friendly NPC in the library who can be spoken to, and will offer you a chance at “Rebirth”, the game’s grandiose term for a respec. This simply allows you to reallocate and redistribute all the levels you’ve earned so far however you want, and gives you the power to redesign your character’s appearance from the ground up. Want to deemphasise your Strength power and boost your Dexterity? Want to switch from Intelligence to Faith? Here’s the chance. Of course, if you want to know exactly what each attribute does, we’ve got Elden Ring stats explained here.

Only issue is that every time you want to respec, you’ll need to spend a rare and special item called a Larval Tear. That’s a job in its own right.

All Larval Tear locations in Elden Ring

Elden Ring respec larval tears

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Larval Tears in Elden Ring are pretty rare, with a total of 18 to be found all across Elden Ring (though some are found in the same location) and no way to farm them, at least that has been discovered yet. We’ve listed all the known Larval Tears below, in the rough order that players are likely to discover them (though your own experiences may differ). A recurring theme is that Larval Tears are dropped by enemies in disguises, aka, foes who turn into an entirely different kind of foe when damaged. If you find any of these, cut them down and you’ll probably get a Larval Tear out of it.

  1. East of Agheel Lake South Site of Grace is a soldier who turns into a bear when attacked. Kill him to get a Larval Tear. (Limgrave)
  2. South of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace is a soldier who turns into a troll when attacked. Kill the troll to get the Larval Tear. (Caelid)
  3. There’s a Larval Tear in the graveyard of the Village of the Albinaurics, South of the Academy. (Liurnia)
  4. There’s a Giant Lobster that turns out to be a Grafted Scion when attacked, East of the Rose Church, which is on the island South of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Kill the Scion to get the Larval Tear. (Liurnia)
  5. Find the Resurrection Painting in the Artist’s Shack Northeast of Caria Study Hall, which’ll trigger a ghostly NPC to appear in the Graveyard East of Caria Manor, sitting in a chair. Interact with them to get Larval Tear and Scholar’s clothes. You need to kill Royal Knight Loretta to reach this area. (Liurnia)
  6. Pidia, Carian Servant is a merchant on the cliffs Southeast of the Three Sisters. Drop down to him and he’ll sell you a Larval Tear for 3000 Runes. (Liurnia)
  7. The Nomadic Merchant in the underground ruins of the Siofra River will sell you a Larval Tear for 3000 Runes. (Siofra)
  8. The Woodfolk Ruins east of the Minor Erdtree has a cowering soldier inside who turns into a scythe lion when hurt. Kill the lion to get the Larval Tear. (Altus Plateau)
  9. Two Larval Tears are dropped by the Mimic Tear boss fight at the start of the Nokron area. (Nokron)
  10. Southeast of Nokron, the Eternal City Site of Grace is a corpse in a stone mausoleum with a Larval Tear on it. (Nokron)
  11. On a corpse in the Gazebo at the entrance to Nokron, though slimes will drop on you when you pick it up. (Nokron)
  12. The giant silver ball that attacks you in Night’s Sacred Ground drops a Larval Tear when killed. (Nokron)
  13. East from the Road of Inequities Site of Grace will be a ruined soldier camp with a burnt undead, that turns into one of the Wormface enemies when damaged. Kill the Wormface to get a Larval Tear. (Mt. Gelmir)
  14. There are three more aggressive giant silver balls in Nokstella’s city area that all drop Larval Tears when slain. (Nokstella)
  15. Southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace is a figure half-buried in snow between two other aggressive soldiers, one holding a fiery torch. The half-buried figure turns into a bear when attacked. Kill the bear for the Larval Tear. (Consecrated Snowfield)

Clearly Larval Tears are rare enough that you should be very careful about respecs – make sure you want to commit to one, and that you’re happy with the result. If the difference between you and the build you want is only a few levels, it might be worth simply checking out our Elden Ring Rune farming locations and levelling up the stats you need instead. 

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