Elden Rings cut dialogue insinuates a deeper storyline with Godfrey

When it comes to cut content in Elden Ring, there’s plenty to wade through. But there’s one character whose dialogue in particular makes for an interesting dive into the game’s lore: Godfrey. 

In a new clip by YouTuber Sekiro Dubi (opens in new tab), a selection of additional lines from Godfrey are played in succession. It’s easy to take them at face value, in one ear and out the other, but as the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab) has picked up on, there are some interesting theories about bits of narrative sprinkled within. 

As u/tremorofforgery points out, the cut dialogue both reinforces the idea that, when it comes to the Elden Ring’s shattering, it seems Marika may have originally had a plan to do just that, which Godfrey was in on all along. It could check out, if you think about it. 

“I think this idea shifts the text,” wrote u/tremorofforgery. “It feels in the finished game like the Tarnished are just waiting for something to happen that would call them back to the Lands Between.”

Interestingly, u/thor_sten explored the concept of the banishing of the Tarnished being part of a greater plan as well. 

“If Godfrey was aware of the coming shattering, maybe the banishing of the tarnished was a ploy to remove them from the Fingers/Greater Will’s influence?” u/thor_sten suggested. “Somewhere around the lines of ‘I’ve been under their direct influence for too long to resist them, so you’ll have to set things right, once all pieces are in motion?'”

The consensus seems to be that Godfrey was initially meant to play an even larger role throughout Elden Ring, with a potential storyline that could take place in the past, based on the lines heard in Sekiro Dubi’s video. There’s nothing concrete here, of course, just supposition and reading between the lines. But it’s all worth investigating and theorizing with, especially since there are some juicy tidbits nestled within Godfrey’s dialogue.

If you’re curious, you can delve into the clip yourself and come up with your own theories. If nothing else, sit back, relax, and enjoy Godfrey’s theatrical line delivery. It’s really quite somethting. 

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