Embracer Games Archive plans to “archive and save as much of the video games industry as possible”

Embracer Group has launched Embracer Games Archive, a new project designed to “archive and save as much of the video games industry as possible”.

Although it has yet to issue a “wanted” list, the archive already has 50,000 games, consoles, and accessories put away at its home in Sweden, and plans to build a database and “start cataloging in 2022”. 

The team currently consists of a newly appointed CEO, archive assistant, technical engineer, and supply manager, all of whom hope to collaborate with “initiatives, museums, and institutions” on the project, as well as exhibit the items curated to date.

“For us, games are more than just games. Its culture!” the company said (thanks, PC Gamer (opens in new tab)). 

“It is something created by great people with creative ideas. By building a large archive of physical games, we want to preserve and tribute the games culture for a long period of time.”

“Imagine a place where all physical video games, consoles and accessories are gathered at the same place,” added Embracer Games Archive CEO, David Boström. “And think about how much that could mean for games’ culture and enabling video games research. This journey has just been started and we are at an early stage.

“At Embracer Games Archive, we believe that games carry a heritage worth celebrating and safeguarding for the future. Our goal is clear – We want to archive and save as much of the video games industry as possible.”

If the Embracer name sounds familiar to you, that because Square Enix is selling Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal as well as attached IP including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, and Legacy of Kain to Embracer Group (opens in new tab) for $300 million. 

Embracer Group said it “sees an opportunity to invest” in Tomb Raider and Deus Ex in particular, “as well as the additional acquired IPs such as Legacy of Kain, Thief, and other original franchise”. Mobile specialist Square Enix Montreal, known for spinoffs like Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go, “will continue to develop and operate memorable mobile games based on AAA IP”. 

Embracer also acquired Borderlands developer Gearbox (opens in new tab) for $1.3 billion back in February 2021.

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