Esports organization 100 Thieves is making a game with a former Fable and Burnout Paradise lead

Esports organization 100 Thieves is making a game with a former Fable lead and Telltale Games’ CEO.

The news was announced yesterday on May 18 via the “Project X” Twitter account, a new account dedicated to the first video game project from 100 Thieves. In the video just below, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot and COO John Robinson explain that they’re looking for a new venture outside the world of esports, and have landed on making their very own game.

Welcome to Project X! We are making a video game with our creators, our pros, and our community. 18, 2022

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The two have actually been talking about this venture for roughly two years. “Over the next few years, we’re making our very own video game,” announces Nadeshot, with Robinson adding that they’re looking to make the game with “creators” and their very own community.

Nadeshot, for one, feels as though transparency is the key to creating this new game. It turns out this new game has come about from the two debating which is better: Halo 2 or Halo 3. The pair feel like they’ve got some expertize on what actually makes a game work, and so they’re deciding to put they’re expertize to the test.

To this end, 100 Thieves has hired Pete Hawley as their Chief Product Manager. While being an executive producer on Burnout Paradise at EA, Hawley has also overseen games like Fable, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone. 100 Thieves is “actively recruiting” for the new game, and promises to have more news for their community relatively soon.

“It’s still super super early” says Robinson, indicating that the game isn’t in actual development right now. The pair haven’t decided what genre or sort of game they want to make, but are hard at work figuring that out, and discussing what they want the game to be in the end. It’s still early days for Project X, but it might be one to keep an eye on.

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