Evan Dorkin is taking a break from comic books

Writer/artist Evan Dorkin has announced via Twitter (opens in new tab) that he’s taking a break from comic books. The Milk & Cheese creator says this decision comes as he began “rethinking things as an aging old-timer.” (Evan is 56.)

“I had a WFH writing gig but left it (amicably) over the NFT component of it. Which sucked, but, you do what you do,” Dorkin tweets. “I’m drawing stuff for some very cool non-comics. And you never know when a comic project falls in your lap (Marvels Snapshots, Bill & Ted Are Doomed).” 

Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory #1

Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory #1 cover (Image credit: Benjamin Dewey (Dark Horse Comics))

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Dorkin and Benjamin Dewey’s recent Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory (opens in new tab) limited series will be his last comic book “for a while,” although he says he has ideas for five additional Beasts of Burden one-shots.

Dorkin says he’ll be concentrating on the aforementioned non-comics work, his Patreon, commissions, and art sales.

“My reality is that I’m not a fast enough writer to turn out multiple monthlies the way some folks can, I’m not a huge ‘get’, I’ve possibly burned a few bridges (they didn’t go anywhere I wanted to be), and it’s a big industry that doesn’t need anyone in particular to be here,” Dorkin tweets. 

Evan Dorkin is best known for his comedy series Milk & Cheese and his spooky dog series Beasts of Burden (co-created with Jill Thompson). In addition to those two franchises, Dorkin has drawn numerous comedy comics strips, written and drew a cult-favorite Bill & Ted comic series, and was a writer on the seminal animated series Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

“There’s a lot of different ways to get work out there nowadays, different ways to monetize the work and keep the lights on, esp. if you’re someone with a bit of a following,” he continues. “But, basically, no announcements planned for a while, comics-wise. Unless that changes, of course! (bye)”

Almost all of Evan Dorkin’s comic book work is available digitally. Check out our recommendations for best digital comics readers. 

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