EVE Online is now playable in your browser thanks to EVE Anywhere

EVE Online has launched EVE Anywhere, a new feature that allows players to ditch the game’s software client and play the sci-fi simulator from right within their favorite browsers.

Up until this week, only Omega subscribers – that is, the game’s premium elite clone state which boosts skill training speed amongst other things – could play with EVE Anywhere, but it’s now been rolled out to free-to-play subscribers, too.

“Starting today Alpha pilots can now take advantage of EVE Anywhere, the revolutionary cloud-based platform that puts New Eden directly in your browser of choice!” developer CCP Games explained in a blog post (opens in new tab) (thanks, VentureBeat (opens in new tab)).

“EVE Anywhere has been developed in close collaboration with our trusted partner Intel, and allows you to play EVE on the go through Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge – whether you’re on a PC or tablet.

“This partnership provides EVE pilots with access to high-capacity computing power – via the cloud – as and when it’s needed. Whether you’re fighting, mining, or building an industrial empire, EVE Anywhere can help you switch seamlessly between client and browser-based play.”

This added flexibility doesn’t come for free, however. If you’re an Alpha player, you can unlock 24-hours’ worth of EVE Anywhere in exchange for 30 PLEX, the in-game currency. That roughly works out to around $1.50 for 24-hours of browser access.

“The service will also be rolled out into more territories later on this year, as we work towards our ultimate goal of releasing EVE Anywhere… everywhere!” the team concluded.

Did you know EVE Online is getting official support for Microsoft Excel (opens in new tab)

No, that’s not a joke, even though fans have jokingly called EVE Online a “spreadsheet simulator (opens in new tab)” for years because, well, a lot of the MMO involves looking at spreadsheets. In 2020, the game even got a spreadsheets-only mode, making it easier for you to keep track of massive space battles even when your computer can’t handle rendering all those ships.

As we explained when the news broke at the recent EVE Fanfest, developer CCP Games announced that a new JavaScript API will allow players to directly export spreadsheet data into Microsoft Excel, which will “help players access and calculate everything from profit margins to battle strategy, making day-to-day EVE operations easier to execute”.

With or without spreadsheets, EVE Online’s million-dollar wars (opens in new tab) are the stuff of legend, even if they don’t always live up to the billing.

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