Everything Everywhere All at Once directors say sequel idea was just a joke

Everything Everywhere All at Once directors the Daniels (AKA Daniel Kwan and Daniel  Scheinert) have confirmed that a previous comment about a sequel to the movie was only a joke.

“Not true at all,” the Daniels tweeted (opens in new tab) in response to an IndieWire article about a “potential” sequel. “Don’t even remember making this joke. Must have been back in March when the idea of a sequel was especially comically far fetched to us.”

“If we ever were to do a sequel to this movie, it would be about Evelyn getting radicalized [by social media],” Kwan said in an interview with director Edgar Wright for Sight & Sound (opens in new tab), which was published online in June. “And then Joy would have to go out and save her mom.” 

Scheinert added: “I realized that we never say anything about the internet. We don’t really point at anyone’s phone. No one is looking at social media. But the movie is totally a reaction to that. Jobu/Joy is like a character that grew up on the internet who is struggling to be understood by her mum, who did not grow up on the internet. I don’t want to tell you about the chat rooms I went into when I was ten, but it was weird. It’s changed just how overstimulated and distracted we are.” 

The movie, which was released in the US back in April, is family drama meets action-comedy, with a healthy dose of multiversal sci-fi. Evelyn is played by Michelle Yeoh, while her daughter, Joy, is played by Stephanie Hsu, while the ensemble cast also includes Ke Huy Quan, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., James Hong, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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