All Evil Dead game characters and demons you can play as

All Evil Dead game characters and demons add up to a pretty princely cast, with thirteen different survivors and three variations of powerful demon (with all manner of minions to control) as you go into Evil Dead: The Game. But what characters are there? Which Evil Dead game characters are best? And can everybody play as Bruce Campbell? With a cast drawn from three movies and a TV show, there’s a lot to choose from, so we’ve gone over all the characters below, as well as the best Evil Dead: The Game characters for each of the Evil Dead game classes.

All Evil Dead game characters and demons

Evil Dead: The Game

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All the characters and demons in Evil Dead: The Game can be broken into classes, as we’ve done below.


  • Hunters
    • Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)
    • Amanda Fisher
    • Ed Getley
    • Kelly Maxwell
  • Leaders
    • Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series)
    • Annie Knowbury
    • Lord Arthur
  • Support
    • Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
    • Cheryl Williams
    • Pablo Simon Bolivar
  • Warriors
    • Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)
    • Henry the Red
    • Scotty


  • Necromancers
    • Evil Ash (Boss)
    • Skeleton Elite
    • Skeleton
  • Puppeteers
    • Deadite Berserker
    • Demi Eligos
    • Eligos (Boss)
  • Warlords
    • Deadite
    • Deadite Elite
    • Henrietta (Boss)

With 22 known playable characters (and four or five variations of Ash Williams himself from different parts of the franchise), it’s a broad spectrum of abilities to choose from. It also seems, from what we understand at time of writing, that only one of each class can be picked in a game – so all the survivors will have to be different classes. Still, that means everybody can be Ash Williams, and what more could you want? Even the Demon player could try being Army of Darkness’ Evil Ash, or “Bad Ash”.

Best Evil Dead characters, survivors and demons

Evil Dead The Game

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The best characters and demons aren’t easy to pick – what with this being a class-based game, everyone’s supposed to be good at something else, and a lot of those skills aren’t comparable. For that reason, we’ve grouped them up into their respective classes to establish which is the best in those specific groupings! Pick these ones and you’ll be showing off the best of what your class is capable.

  • Best Hunter: Amanda Fisher
    • If you haven’t got her yet, check out how to unlock Amanda Fisher in the Evil Dead game here. Otherwise, the key thing to remember is that Amanda needs a little time to level up, but once you’ve got all her powers, she’s more deadly with a pistol than practically any character with any ranged weapon. Her power to increase damage by landing consecutive hits is deadly against powerful demon bosses.
  • Best Leader: Lord Arthur
    • You won’t get Lord Arthur until you crack the notoriously hard mission “Homecoming King”, which we’ve laid out how to do in our Evil Dead game mission 5 walkthrough, but it’s worth it. A few levels in and Arthur permanently boosts the melee damage of everybody standing close to him, and can boost it even further with his active skills. Keep in close, and your team will devastate any foes who dare to get in close.
  • Best Support: Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
    • Original Ash’s power to restore health to himself and those around him by landing heavy attacks is amazing. If only he had a way to cure fear… oh, wait, that’s his active ability! So with the two main threats to your party dealt with, there’s very little peril left. Level him up and he can mark enemies through headshots, to increase damage dealt to them and even to make it so that damaging marked enemies restores even more health.
  • Best Warrior: Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)
    • It’s another Ash, but how could Bruce Campbell not dominate the meta at least partially? Like Amanda Fisher, levelling up the third Ash Williams is a bit necessary to unlock his full potential, but his power to restore shields with finishers is a huge deal for survivability, as you can effectively chop your way to high defences.
  • Best Demon: Necromancer
    • Alright, one more Ash for good measure. The demons are all actually pretty on par with each other, but the Necromancer takes it for providing his minions with shields and for making Evil Ash one of the most terrifyingly unstoppable tanks around, as well as blending a combination of strategic powers and frontline force.

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