How to beat Evil Dead Mission 4, Its Not Gonna Let Us Go!

An Evil Dead game Mission 4 walkthrough on how to beat the It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go! mission will be vital for anybody who wants to add the Support Survivor Pablo Simon Bolivar to their ranks. Pablo is a really good support character, using Amulets to bolster player shields, and worth pursuing if you want to get all the Evil Dead game characters and demons. However, his mission is one of the toughest so far, so we’ll show you how to beat the Evil Dead: The Game Mission 4, entitled It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go! Because if you don’t play it right, then it definitely won’t. 

Evil Dead game Mission 4 walkthrough

To beat the Evil Dead game Mission 4, It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!, follow these steps in this order:

  1. Search the house for weapons and supplies
  2. Kill the Deadites at Ash’s trailer
  3. Drive to El Brujo’s Hut
  4. Fight off the the waves of Deadites
  5. Obtain El Brujo’s Amulet and use it to get the Machete
  6. Find Ash’s severed hand (twice)
  7. Find Ash at the Gas Station
  8. Find the Wadesboro Junkyard gas tank
  9. Find the Shockley Auto gas tanks
  10. Beat the Eligos boss fight
  11. Return to Ash and escape

Click on any of these points for more info, or scroll down for the full walkthrough in chronological order! We’ll admit now, this mission is probably a shade easier than the previous one, but that doesn’t mean much when arm wrestling a gorilla would’ve been easier than the previous mission. The key element in Mission 4 is the Amulet introduced about halfway through – it effectively introduces a new stealth mechanic that’s not particularly well explained, but on which Pablo’s life now depends, as certain areas become very nasty if you can’t sneak through the Deadites and demons patrolling them. We’ll address these aspects in order, starting with setting yourself up for the initial trials.

1. Search the house for weapons and supplies before leaving

When you start, the game will instantly tell you to get in the car, but don’t do that. Instead, go into the house next to it and scoop up all the resources dotted around, including the two sets of matches, the single can of Cola, and the Amulet. There’s also several choices of common ranged weapons (though no melee options yet). We suggest the revolver in the upstairs kitchen – it’s pretty lethal and strikes a nice balance in all other respects, but players will have their own preferences and there’s no empirically wrong answer.

2. Search for Ash and kill the Deadites at Camp Green Bird

Now take the car just up the road to the marker and park a safe distance away before approaching. You’ll be swarmed by Deadites, about twelve or so. Kill as many as you can from range, making sure to avoid their death explosions, and try to use distance and the local geometry to keep control of the battlefield. It’s not too hard as fights go, but you don’t want to be softened up for the challenges ahead. Once it’s done, scoop up the ammo nearby and move on after the brief cutscene explaining Ash isn’t here.

3. Cautiously Drive to El Brujo’s Hut

Next you want to drive to El Brujo’s Hut, but be careful! It’s almost impossible to get through this whole mission without the car eventually getting destroyed (it can barely take a single hit before breaking down), but ideally you want to preserve it for as long as possible, to minimise danger and fear ramping up during travel. If you hit a Deadite on the road, you’ll break down, so avoid all enemies and obstacles if possible.

4. Kill the waves of Deadites at El Brujo’s Hut

Technically there’s a mandatory wave of five Deadites to kill once you reach the Hut, but the reality is that the area around it is so choked with undead that you’ll probably have to kill a lot more before that. It’s important to keep your flashlight on during these fights – the darkness and weather can make it easy to lose track of enemies, and battlefield awareness is key. 

The smaller the number of enemies, the more free you should feel to use melee attacks, which stun and leave them vulnerable to takedowns. It’s when you’re getting swarmed that you should break out the firearms for quick kills. They’ll drop a common meat cleaver at the end, but don’t worry about it too much – you’re about to get a far superior weapon.

5. Obtain El Brujo’s Amulet and use its stealth powers to get the Machete

Evil Dead Mission 4 its not gonna let us go walkthrough how to beat

(Image credit: Boss Team Games)

After killing the Deadites, grab El Brujo’s Amulet from inside the hut. This basically gives you a permanent, albeit limited stealth power, which we’ll explain in more detail than the game does:

  • For the rest of the mission, Pablo won’t be noticed by Deadites unless he gets too close and stands in their sightline (i.e., roughly at any point within ten metres in front of them).
  • This power becomes unreliable if Pablo sprints, turns on his torch, does any kind of attack (whether it hits or not), makes noise or generally does anything other than standard movement.
  • If a Deadite sees Pablo, all Deadites in the local area immediately know his location and come to kill him.
  • As far as we know, there are no stealth kills or methods to end Deadites without alerting them.

Technically, it is possible to complete the mission without really using this power, but Deadites are all over the map and eventually you risk getting worn down. To practise using it, head to the Railway Loop building the game marks and sneak around the few Deadites in there. Grab the Rare Machete on the lower floor – it’s the best melee weapon in this mission.

6. Find Ash’s severed hand at Railway Loop and Dead End

Now you have to go get Ash’s severed hand from another building in Railway Loop. Use your new stealth powers to evade the Deadites in the wild as much as possible (audio cues will help indicate if they’re close), and grab the hand inside, along with another Shemp’s Cola. Then the hand escapes in a cutscene, and you have to go get it again from a marked House in Dead End. 

Be warned! Whatever direction you approach it from, a Demi-Eligos sees through your stealth and prompts a small boss fight at the Dead End house. We outlined some helpful tips in our Evil Dead game Mission 3 walkthrough to deal with those, so check there if you need a primer. There’s also a proximity trap on the main door that spawns a small Deadite, so watch out for that.

However, inside the house you can find a wide range of common weapons, Amulets, Shemp’s Cola and ammo. Stock up on all of these, and we suggest you swap your revolver for the shotgun – it’s got power, a decent-sized clip, and most of the fighting happens in close range anyway. That being said, a longer-range weapon wouldn’t hurt for the boss fight later – it’s whatever you think you’ll need. Either way, when you’re ready, grab the hand, heal and shield, then follow the marker.

7. Find Ash at the Jake’s Gas n’ Go

Once done, take the fairly long trek/drive (continuing to stealth around Deadites) to Jake’s Gas n’ Go. There’s a Deadite standing in every doorway, with the exception of the East doorway. Use it and find Ash inside, injured and with another Amulet next to him. The task now is to get enough gasoline for an escape. 

8. Find the gas tank at Wadesboro Junkyard

Evil Dead Mission 4 its not gonna let us go walkthrough how to beat

(Image credit: Boss Team Games)

This is probably the hardest part of the mission, as Wadesboro Junkyard is full of Deadites and one screw-up means fighting all of them. Turn off your torch, don’t sprint, and do the following as described:

  1. Go in through the South entrance and follow the fence right.
  2. To the right of the illuminated bathroom is a small ramp leaning against an industrial pipe. Walk up it and immediately go left into the building, towards the wall with DAEZO CORP (or something like it) written in flaked paint.
  3. Careful now – look outside to the West and you’ll see a gap between shipping containers with a Deadite standing in it. You don’t want to take that gap, but the smaller one just North of it. 
  4. Duck in there, then turn right and keep going straight. The gas can is ahead of you, along with a Shemp’s Cola. 
  5. Either retrace your steps to escape, take the simpler, less reliable route by hugging the West wall back to the Southern entrance where you came in, or if the starting car has survived this far, you can always try and make a break for that and drive away with the Deadites behind you.

9. Find the two gas tanks at Shockley Auto

There’s two gas tanks here in separate locations – one is upstairs in a safe building filled with ammo. Make sure you get it all, and take a moment to heal and Amulet up if you need it. The next gas tank is in an open courtyard that seems safe until you grab it – and an Eligos shows up.

10. Kill the Eligos in a final boss fight

Evil Dead Mission 4 its not gonna let us go walkthrough how to beat

(Image credit: Boss Team Games)

This is the last big challenge. The Eligos has been outlined in more detail in our Mission 3 walkthrough linked above, but if you want another primer, this demon is a teleporter who fires ranged attacks after each teleport, and occasionally appears close to you to do a big melee strike. The latter is the real danger, but it’s the only time you’ll likely be able to melee him. Use your ranged weapon for a couple of headshots after each ranged attack he does, and duck his melee swipes before counterattacking with heavy strikes.

11. Head back to Ash and drive away through the demons

Evil Dead tips

Evil Dead: The Game cover art

(Image credit: Saber Interactive & The Boss Team Games)

Now you’re victorious , why not try out our Evil Dead game tips for the main multiplayer game mode?

 Now you have the gas, head back through the wilderness to Jake’s Gas n’ Go and find Ash. He’ll have dragged himself to his car – get in and you can drive yourself to the marked exit. 

This is where things get a little confusing – the game claims you’re being followed by the legendary Evil Dead “drafter” demon with the camera glued to its face and makes it seem like a chase, but we didn’t see any indication of anything following. We’re not saying it’s definitely not there, only that this stage of the mission felt a bit… unclear? There’s also dozens of demons on the route to take out – you can run at least a few of them over along the way, though be careful – while we never broke our car doing this, it might be safer not to push your luck if you’ve made it this far into the mission. Either way, head to the marked area below Misty Groves and the mission will finally be over.

Mission 4 Rewards

Evil Dead Mission 4 its not gonna let us go walkthrough how to beat

(Image credit: Boss Team Games)

Having completed Mission 4, players will receive the following (very well-earned) rewards. It’s also worth mentioning that while he has some stealth powers, Pablo doesn’t have his El Brujo Amulet invisibility anywhere other than this mission.

  • Pablo Simon Bolivar (Support Survivor)
  • Knowby Recording 4
  • Newly unlocked mission 5: “Homecoming King”

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