Is the Evil Dead game going to be on Game Pass?

Is the Evil Dead game on Game Pass, and if not, will it be? You’d think so, as it certainly seems like the exactly the sort of game you’d expect to be added to Xbox’s subscription system. It’s got multiplayer online, it’s somewhat unconventional so some people won’t be entirely certain about it, and generally an interesting oddball of a game that’ll help make Game Pass a little more appealing by its inclusion. Turning Deadites to dead’uns isn’t for everybody, so it’s having the chance to test it before a purchase would be ideal – but for that, it needs to be Game Pass in the first place. We’ll discuss that just below.

Is Evil Dead: The Game on Xbox Game Pass?

The four playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game

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No, right now Evil Dead: The Game is not on Xbox Game Pass – it’s solely something that can be purchased on its respective consoles and platforms rather than coming as a part of any subscription service. 

Obviously this isn’t ideal – again, it seems like a pretty perfect candidate for Game Pass, much like Dead by Daylight – but considering Evil Dead’s development wasn’t tied to Microsoft or Xbox in any specific way, it’s entirely possible that they want to make sure that the game can have actual sales before moving it onto a service like Game Pass in the future. Oh, and speaking of which…

Will Evil Dead: The Game be coming to Game Pass in the future?

Evil Dead: The Game

(Image credit: Saber Interactive)

At time of writing there is no indication that Evil Dead: The Game will be coming to Game Pass in the future, post-launch, though that goes both ways – there’s also no indication that this couldn’t happen either. Again, it’s more likely that this becomes more plausible once initial sales are out of the way – though this is purely speculative, of course, taken from looking at past business practices of comparable games. It’s entirely possible that it’ll never be on Game Pass, or that it will be on within the month (Game Pass has a habit of often adding and removing games with little warning). 

However, until there is an announcement one way or another, it’s probably safer to act as though there is no likelihood of it coming to Game Pass in the near future, to say the least. Either way, make sure to check the official Evil Dead Game Twitter or Xbox Game Pass updates to see if it’s going to be added later on!  

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