Evil Dead: The Game dataminer uncovers clues about upcoming characters and missions

A dataminer has uncovered clues about what characters may be next to join Evil Dead: The Game.

All the characters have their own individual jokes and quips when taking down Deadites and demons, but these particular ones don’t yet make an appearance in the game because the characters they’re talking about have yet to make an appearance, either – suggesting they’ve either been cut or are due to arrive sooner rather than later.

Lucky for us, @LeaksofSumeria had a peek in the backend of Evil Dead: The Game’s files and found a host of currently unused assets, including audio clips from current Survivors that suggest that they’ll soon be taking on Ash vs. Evil Dead’s Ruby (thanks, TheGamer (opens in new tab)).

I put this together last night, was gonna post it today, but I was beat to it 😔. The video’s pretty much the same, except there’s 2 voicelines for Kelly in there.#EvilDeadTheGame #edtgleaks #leaksofsumeria https://t.co/jpYfOWqjqf pic.twitter.com/DbOrmcMCaxMay 17, 2022

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That’s not all either. They also uncovered mention (opens in new tab) of some cool weapons, too, including a flamethrower, harpoon, and minigun – and rumor has it, “there’s a possible upcoming mission titled Adios Eligos”. 

“Playing as [Ash vs. Evil Dead] Ash, you have to collect Chicken, Leeches, and Holy Water to exorcise Kelly from Eligos at El Brujo’s Hut. You then fight Eligos,” the dataminer explained (opens in new tab).

“Evil Dead: The Game proves there’s plenty of undead life in this space,” we write in GamesRadar+’s 4 out of 5 star Evil Dead: The Game review (opens in new tab). “It’s by far my favorite of the few asymmetrical horror games I’ve played, taking an already compelling formula, refining it, and lovingly dressing it up like one of the most revered ’80s horror properties. 

“There’s nothing terribly groundbreaking here, but instead a culmination of the genre’s best ideas that finally gives survivors some agency and opens a big, inviting door for timid horror fans to walk through. Grab some friends and crack open a Shemp’s Beer – or cola, in the game – as Evil Dead: The Game is a wicked, blood-soaked, supremely groovy good time.”

The asymmetric horror co-op game – which sees you play as one of several iconic characters from the Evil Dead franchise – was released, suitably enough, on Friday, May 13, and racked up “more than” 500,000 sales in just five days (opens in new tab).

Developer and publisher Saber Interactive announced the impressive milestone during a recent investor presentation by parent company (opens in new tab), Embracer Group – yes, the same Embracer group that recently launched a new project to archive and preserve all physical video games (opens in new tab) –  which acquired the studio back in February 2020.

Evil Dead: The Game is now available on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

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