Fall Guys and Kena: Bridge of Spirits crossover brings us The Rot skin

Fall Guys has introduced a new Kena: Bridge of Spirits skin to the battle royale game. 

To celebrate the release of Ember Labs’ fantasy adventure game, Fall Guys is implementing two new skins based on the most iconic characters of Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Announced via an adorable trailer, which sees two Fall Guys jelly beans dressed up as Kena and The Rot navigating the game’s chaotic obstacle courses, the first of the two skins will be added to the game from today. 

Reject humanity, become Rot today!5 x 👑 Upper5 x 👑 LowerKena’s up next on the 24th September!5 x 👑 Upper5 x 👑 Lower pic.twitter.com/gYEPLt5EPxSeptember 21, 2021

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Like all additional skins in Fall Guys, both of the new get-ups come at a cost. Players will need to be willing to part with five crowns for the top half of The Rot and Kena’s likeness and another five to obtain the bottom half. The Rot is in the game from today and Kena will join the jellybeans from September 24. 

Crossover skins aren’t a new thing in Fall Guys, especially not ones added in honor of a new game release. Back in June 2021, Fall Guys players were gifted with both Ratchet and Clank skins to celebrate the release of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Similarly, we also got three skins based on Doom Eternal at the start of this year which saw the likes of Doomguy, Cacodemon, and Tyrant running around the obstacle course. 

Despite only releasing in Summer 2020, Fall Guys is currently on its fifth season which the game’s developer Mediatonic decided to theme around the jungle. With this wild theme, it only made sense to also implement another appropriate crossover which we got in the form of a Fall Guys Jungle Book crossover last month. 

Suddenly in a rush to get 20 crowns under your belt? Take a look at our Fall Guys tips for help with that.  

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