Fall Guys fans arent happy about the new battle pass progression system

Fall Guys fans are starting to wonder if losing matches will help level up Beans faster than winning them.

As part of the game’s new free-to-play model which launched earlier this week, Fall Guys now offers an all-new “supercharged” Season Pass which can be purchased with the new currency Show-Bucks, although Mediatonic has confirmed that “the game’s free progression path will remain in place, along with the existing currency, Kudos”. 

There’s also a new buffet of challenges, too, which has left some OG players wondering if there’s any point in investing the time and effort in securing a crown for their Bean when you can crash out on the third round twice and get the same amount of Fame/XP as a win.

“It doesn’t motivate players to play better, and it might encourage some others to start AFK farming fame,” pointed out one player, who capped the XP gained by winning every round to prove their point (thanks, Gamerant (opens in new tab)). 

fame_might_as_well_just_lose_on_purpose_in_the from r/FallGuysGame

“I really hate how the medals reward you with the same amount of fame,” added another (opens in new tab). “Makes you wonder why they even changed the loading screen to add the medals and how to earn them when getting gold still gives you [the same XP] as [coming] last.”

With almost 800 upvotes on the game’s subreddit, these don’t seem to be isolated opinions. It remains to be seen if developer Mediatonic can rework the systems a little to improve things and make long-time Beans happy again.

Fall Guys now boasts 20 million players. The milestone comes just 48 hours after the fun, frenzied bean-flavored battle royale went free-to-play across all platforms (opens in new tab), including Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles, on June 21.

Cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression are now available across all versions through Epic Online Services on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC, although you will require an Epic Games account on all platforms to log in and start having fun. And while existing Steam players will continue to get all updates going forward, Fall Guys stopped being available to download on Steam for new players after June 20 (opens in new tab) and has moved exclusively to the Epic Games Store. 

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