Fall Guys update fixes 14 issues following massive free-to-play launch

Now that the dust is settling on the huge Fall Guys free-to-play update, it’s time to fix some issues. Developer Mediatonic has released a Fall Guys update with 14 fixes in mind, so you should find your beaning sessions a smoother ride.

Some of the handier tweaks stop the multiplayer game from crashing. The team has managed to fix some issues that occurred after you left an episode during the intro camera and a Nintendo Switch-specific problem that came from reloading into the main menu has also been solved.

Other solutions target more hilarious problems, though it’s likely for the best they’ve been fixed. In some cases, players were unable to break tiles on Hex-A-Gone and would appear to be floating, inputs would become unresponsive after a player was eliminated, and others become resistant to obstacles like fans while grabbing or being grabbed. 

If you’re interested in the full rundown, you can find the patch notes on Twitter (opens in new tab)

The popular social game is seeing a resurgence of interest since a recent free-to-play update coincided with releases on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Not long after, Mediatonic revealed that Fall Guys has amassed 50 million players (opens in new tab) in the two weeks following the launch. Fall Guys hit the heights of 20 million just 48 hours after the update, so things are still moving in the right direction. 

While there is plenty to cheer about, not all aspects of the free-for-all update have been smooth. As we previously reported, the new Fall Guys battle pass progression system hasn’t quite won the hearts and minds of every player just yet. 

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