Fallout TV show adds three more cast members, including Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan

The Fallout TV show cast now includes Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Aaron Moten, according to a new report from Variety (opens in new tab).

The roles of each cast member are currently unconfirmed. The producers of the Amazon Prime streaming show have not detailed any of its plot elements, other than the fact that it’ll follow the setting of the game’s retro-futuristic post-apocalypse. Previous casting reports have indicated that Walton Goggins will portray a ghoul and Ella Purnell will play an “all-American” type who’s “upbeat and uncannily direct”, but there’s no such insider info on the new cast members.

Kyle MacLachlan is certainly the best-known of the newly-announced cast members, after his roles in David Lynch cult classics like Twin Peaks and the 1984 Dune film, as well as more modern recurring roles in shows like How I Met Your Mother and Agents of Shield.

Xelia Mendes-Jones is a young actor who completed training at the Identity School of Acting last year. They are set to appear in the upcoming Netflix thriller Havoc, which stars Tom Hardy, Forest Whitaker, and Timothy Olyphant, and they will also appear in season two of Amazon’s Wheel of Time series.

Aaron Moten has had a number of recurring TV roles over the years, and most recently appeared in the film Father Stu. He will be in the upcoming film Emancipation with Will Smith, as well.

The series is still scheduled to enter production later this year.

Fallout’s showrunners have credits including the 2018 Tomb Raider film, The Office, and Captain Marvel – it’s an eclectic mix of writing history.

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