Fallout TV show has its first main cast member in Walton Goggins

The first main cast member of the upcoming Fallout TV show has been revealed: Justified star Walton Goggins.

According to a report from Variety (opens in new tab), Goggins has been cast as a lead but unspecified character in Amazon’s Fallout TV series. While unconfirmed, Variety’s sources say Goggins is playing a character based on the ghouls from the Fallout video game series. Ghouls, sometimes referred to in the game as necrotic post-humans, are people whose skin and muscles have been deformed due to prolonged exposure to radiation.

Goggins is probably best-known for his role as Boyd Crowder in FX’s Western crime drama Justified, but he’s played a diverse range of roles in a variety of genres across film, TV, and video games. More recently, he played Wade Felton in the American sitcom The Unicorn, and right now he’s appearing in the HBO comedy series The Righteous Gemstones (above) as “Baby” Billy Freeman.

Developments on the Fallout TV show have been ramping up in recent weeks following months of silence from the project. Back in November, Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed that the series was still “moving ahead,” and then in January it was revealed that Captain Marvel and Tomb Raider writer Jonathan Nolan had signed on as co-showrunner and director for the pilot episode. With today’s big casting news revealing the first name on the cast, it’s likely we’ll see more developments emerge from the project in the near future.

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