Fan transforms Sonic Frontiers into a 2D game

Sonic Frontiers has gotten a 2D makeover in this brilliant fan-made creation.

Last month’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase gave us our latest look at Sonic Frontiers, which will bring the series’ traditional platforming to an open-world setting for the very first time. While the levels showcased certainly look like classic Sonic environments, it remains to be seen whether “open-zone freedom” will be as popular as the linear levels of previous titles.

But for those who prefer a slightly more old-school Sonic adventure, there’s now a fan-made Sonic game that transforms Sonic Frontiers into a 2D game. Made by the talented KomliWorldGames, Sonic Frontiers 2D features an open zone to explore and gameplay mechanics straight out of the blue blur’s upcoming game. There’s also a Cyberspace level which you can access by collecting ten hearts. 

From the footage, which you can check out below, Sonic Frontiers 2D looks impressive and fittingly pays tribute to both Sonic’s new adventure and his old hits at the same time. You’ll have to wait until late 2022 to play Sonic Frontiers, but you can download this fan-made creation right now via Game Jolt (opens in new tab).

Back in May, we got our first look at gameplay for Sonic Frontiers, which showed combat, open-world exploration, and Shadow of the Colossus-style boss fights

We recently got to demo the game but weren’t exactly wowed by what we saw. “Mechanically, visually, and narratively, Sonic Frontiers makes a staggeringly awful first impression,” we said in our Sonic Frontiers hands-on preview. Let’s hope for better things from the full game.

Check out our Sonic Frontiers preview from earlier this year for more on what Sega’s trying to achieve with this new take on the blue blur.

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