Fantastic Four actor Miles Teller open to superhero return

Miles Teller played Mr. Fantastic in Josh Trank’s infamous Fantastic Four, a movie widely accepted as being a flop after a multitude of reshoots changed the plot and significantly reworked the second half. In fact, Trank was so unimpressed by the changes that, just days before the movie’s release, he tweeted that there was a good version of Fantastic Four “a year ago” – but “you’ll probably never see it”.

Teller, though, has not been put off appearing in superhero movies. “I think those characters in the movie adaptations, in the shows have really come a long way,” he told (opens in new tab)

“And I think they’ve really, you know, started diving into the complexity of these characters. And these characters have been written for so long and they evolved so much so I think at the end of the day, you’re just looking for a well written character that hopefully you think touches on some things that you could do, and you could bring it to life. They’re some of the best fans in the world. Some of the most particular fans in the world, but if you can satisfy that crowd and you can have fun doing it then I mean, that’s great.”

Teller will soon be in cinemas as a different sort of hero, playing a pilot in the long-awaited Top Gun sequel Maverick. Meanwhile, another Fantastic Four movie is in the works, though Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts has dropped out of helming the MCU reboot. With the multiverse ever-expanding, especially with the new release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, perhaps there’s a chance Teller could appear as Mr. Fantastic once again.

Speaking of Doctor Strange 2, the new superhero flick is out in cinemas now, and there’s a whole lot that happens. Before you head into the cinema, be sure to check out our guides to:

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