Final Elden Ring class reveal confirms the hard mode class – and a surprise change since the network test

All 10 Elden Ring classes have finally been revealed, and the last duo to arrive includes the Wretch, the unofficial hard mode of the game. 

The Elden Ring Twitter account shared (opens in new tab) the last two class teasers today, adding the Wretch and Prophet to the list. We got a feel for the Prophet and their Faith-based Incantations in Elden Ring’s network test (though they’ve likely been tweaked since), but this is our first proper look at the Wretch. 

That said, we already know what to expect from this class. Every Souls game has some kind of beleaguered good-for-nothing with middling stats and weak starting gear, and that’s the Wretch. Its official description is not kind: “A poor, purposeless sod, naked as the day they were born. A nice club is all they have.” 

Elden Ring classes are more like starters than anything, and you can turn any one of them into any build with enough effort. That said, your initial gear can make a world of difference out in The Lands Between, and the Wretch has nothing more than underwear and a big stick. So if you’re looking for the true rags-to-riches experience and you want to make Elden Ring as hard as possible, the Wretch is the class for you. 

As a reminder, here are all 10 Elden Ring classes: 

  • Vagabond 
  • Hero 
  • Warrior 
  • Prisoner 
  • Bandit
  • Astrologer
  • Confessor
  • Samurai
  • Prophet
  • Wretch

The Vagabond, Hero, and Prisoner stand out as remnants of the Elden Ring network test. The Bloody Wolf has seemingly been transformed into the Vagabond, and a separate teaser (opens in new tab) suggests that the Bloody Wolf himself is actually a character out in the world. Meanwhile, the Champion has become a Hero with little change in attire. However, the network test’s Enchanted Knight, which was featured in many Elden Ring trailers and showcases, has apparently been cut outright and replaced with the Prisoner, who also knows a bit of Glintstone sorcery. Talk about a downgrade: we went from full armor engraved with silver runes to this helmet (opens in new tab). After the previous (and frankly bizarre) class teaser, we were holding out hope that FromSoftware had saved the best for last, but it seems the Enchanted Knight is no more. 

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