Final Fantasy 14 players are going buck wild over Ameliance

Final Fantasy 14 fans are going borderline feral over Ameliance Leveilleur, the next custom delivery character to grace the MMO.

We knew previously that mother Leveilleur would be available as a custom delivery character back when patch 6.1 and its following roadmap for Final Fantasy 14 were unveiled earlier this year. Now though, Ameliance will be available via patch 6.15 for Final Fantasy 14 players later this week on June 7, and some of said players are a little too pleased by the news.

“Ameliance Leveilleur, at your service.” /bowJust two more days until new Custom Deliveries unlock! 📦 5, 2022

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“In two days we’re gonna be custom delivering a couple more Leveilleurs,” one Twitter user commented on the news, intimating that they will, in fact, be having carnal relations with Ameliance Leveilleur. “I wish all Forchenault Leveilleur a very I’m stealing your wife,” wrote another similarly deranged Twitter user. Others have been even more creative, as you can see just below, although no less rabid.

That final quest though… 5, 2022

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This very unsettling situation is probably about to get a whole lot worse in little over 24 hours from now, when Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.15 launches on June 7. Ameliance has been nothing short of absolutely lovely to the Warrior of Light throughout Endwalker, so we’re not quite sure why she’s about to be subjected to wearing 2B’s outfit and maid costumes for the foreseeable future. 

These players will probably be having just as good a time as Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida at an Eorzea D&D session, where the veteran developer recently got roped into playing a session for nigh on eight hours. 

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