Final Fantasy 14 players can now take to the skies atop a huge shiba

Final Fantasy 14’s latest new player mount is a gigantic shiba.

Just earlier today on June 30, Square Enix unveiled that the brilliant Megashiba would be the latest player mount entering the world of Final Fantasy 14 later today. Your average player might want for fantastical dragons or blazing chariots as their typical mounts, but can any of them honestly top a massive shiba?

Take a glance at the trailer just above to see how just how much fun the little guy can have. Not only can Megashiba race along the ground like a track dog, but it can also apparently fly? Not sure about the physics of that one, but it’s hardly the first time we’ve seen a flying dog in Final Fantasy 14.

Here’s a question: does the Lalafell riding the Megashiba make the dog look way bigger than it actually is? Or does the dog grow to compensate larger player characters riding on it? There’s only one way to find out for sure – we’re going to have to get our very own Megashiba. 

At the time of writing, the Megashiba should be available in Final Fantasy 14. The MMORPG was actually taken offline for maintenance earlier today on June 30, and the Lodestone (opens in new tab) entry for the Megashiba promises it’ll be available for purchase as soon as the maintenance has wrapped up. Square Enix, shut up and take my money.

Here’s a recap of everything Square Enix is planning with the huge 7.0 update for Final Fantasy 14 in the distant future, including better textures and resolutions. 

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