FFXIV players have found spectacular and deranged outfits for Ameliance

Final Fantasy 14 finally has its Ameliance Custom Delivery option, and players have wasted no time dressing her up in spectacular outfits. 

As of earlier today, Final Fantasy 14 players have finally unlocked Ameliance Leveilleur as a Custom Delivery option, and her associated quest line in the MMO. As you can imagine, players have wasted no time (opens in new tab) dressing up Mother Leveilleur in all (opens in new tab) sorts (opens in new tab)of (opens in new tab) outfits (opens in new tab), ranging from the overtly horny to the flamboyant and garish. 

If you now undertake Ameliance’s quest line in Old Sharlayan, you’ll unlock the character as a Custom Delivery option, which allows you to dress her up in all sorts of wild outfits. It turns out the character actually wants the player to get them outfits that’ll make their husband, Forchenault Leveilleur, blush (opens in new tab), and players have really responded to that little detail with enthusiasm.

And, if you were wondering whether you can dress Ameliance up in a bunny outfit, the answer is yes, as evidenced by the post just below. Well, if this doesn’t make Forchenault’s body temperature rise into the triple digits, we don’t know what will. 

We probably should’ve seen these sorts of outfits for Ameliance coming a mile away. Earlier this year when Final Fantasy 14 devs revealed Ameliance as the Endwalker expansion’s Custom Delivery option, players were suitably thrilled, and when it was revealed earlier this month that the new quest would be unlocked in patch 6.15, players went absolutely buck wild

Now, before you go dressing up Ameliance in the most hideous and horny garb imaginable, please remember she’s been nothing but lovely to the Warrior of Light throughout Endwalker. Oh, and she’s happily married

Here’s why you should be playing Final Fantasy 14 in 2022, Ameliance Leveilleur notwithstanding. 

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