Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans are losing it over this Kingdom Hearts Cloud mod

Someone has spruced Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Cloud up in his Kingdom Hearts garb, and it’s proving a hit with fans. 

If you’ve been out of the Kingdom Hearts loop, Cloud appears in several Kingdom Hearts games, making his debut in the first one to be released (I’m not getting into the proper chronology). The brooding bruiser initially appears as Hades wants him to enter a tournament and take out Hercules, though that plan swiftly goes off the rails. 

What stands out, though, is Cloud’s outfit. He’s still wearing his Soldier gear, though he also has Vincent’s claw and red cloak thrown in. The fit is inspired, so we’ve seen Cloud don the garb in various pieces of merchandise like action figures (opens in new tab). It only makes sense, then, that someone would eventually mod the outfit into Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

It has to be said that ColossalCake’s mod (opens in new tab) is pretty dang impressive. Cloud has his metal arm and cloak alongside a taped-up Buster Sword. Cloud also has a singular black wing, which represents his tie to Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts and is a sign of the dark powers he’s using. 

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s how the mod has been going down on social media:

LOOK AT THEM 30, 2022

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There’s plenty on the way for Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts fans. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – the second instalment in the remake trilogy – is due next year, and you’re getting a Crisis Core remaster this Winter to ease the wait. Kingdom Hearts 4 is also on the way, though details are a tad thin on the ground.

Here’s how to play the Kingdom Hearts games in order before Kingdom Hearts 4 – you’ll need this one, trust us.

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