Final Fantasy Record Keeper is closing down after seven years

Seven years after its release, fans are bidding farewell to Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Despite having the word final in its title, Square Enix’s long-running RPG series shows no signs of stopping. With Final Fantasy 16 set to release next year and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth announced as the second instalment in the remake trilogy, there’s certainly a lot for fans to get excited about. But one fantasy that is coming to an end is the free-to-play mobile title Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Square Enix has announced it’s pulling the plug on Final Fantasy Record Keeper on September 29. With the gacha game officially shutting down, gems will no longer be available to purchase from August 30. Square Enix hasn’t given a reason for its decision, but perhaps the game’s player base has dwindled since its launch over seven years ago on March 25, 2015. 

“We make this announcement with a heavy heart, but hope you will be left with fond memories of adventure once this journey comes to an end,” reads an in-game message from Square Enix.

The official global Twitter account for Final Fantasy Record Keeper (opens in new tab) posted a tweet (opens in new tab) regarding the game’s closure, which it quickly followed up with another tweet encouraging fans to try out fellow Final Fantasy mobile adventure Brave Exvius. Interestingly, no such mention of the game’s discontinued service was made on the Twitter account for the Japanese version, suggesting that this version, which was launched one year prior to the global one, will continue on.

To all the dedicated players who have enjoyed and loved FFRK, the FFBE Team would like to extend a warm welcome. If you are interested, please check out FFBE with the links below and enjoy. We are always very excited to welcome any new players and returnees!FFBE Team@FFBE_EN 24, 2022

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Final Fantasy 16 is in the “final stages of development”, according to producer Naoki Yoshida, who’s also said he would like to release a “trial version” of the game, suggesting a Final Fantasy 16 demo could launch next year

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