Former Starfield dev says there might be too much content for the game to ship on time

A former Starfield developer says Bethesda will likely have to “cut” content from the game in order to ship it on time.

Earlier this week, a character artist going by the ResetEra username ‘Hevy008’ revealed a slew of details about Starfield. As captured by a Imgur (opens in new tab) user, Hevy008 claims that Bethesda was a “secure” place to work,” calling game director Todd Howard a “charismatic” leader.

However, while the game is “looking good” thanks to improving lighting, Hevy008 says that the project is still facing issues. Flying is “terrible [at the moment],” and Bethesda’s new engine is “a piece of crap.”

Despite those problems, there’s certainly a touch of optimism in the developer’s comments. As to whether Bethesda will hit the Starfield release date, however, they’re less sure. Hevy008 said that Bethesda will “try for sure” to release the game on time this November, but will likely have to “cut what they [need] to” due to “an overabundance of content.” A beta set to take place this summer, however, should help reveal the extent of the work that still needs to take place.

While it’s worth taking these claims with a pinch of salt, the user’s identity has actually been confirmed by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. Posting on ResetEra (opens in new tab), Schreier that Hevy008 is “definitely who they said they were,” and he hopes Bethesda’s lawyers don’t come down too hard on the person for presumably breaking a non-disclosure agreement on Starfield.

This would make Hevy008 the outlet of some of the first Starfield gameplay details, if what they’re claiming is accurate in the final version of the game. As the character artist themselves point out, the forthcoming beta for Starfield is when everything about the game will become a little clearer, as Bethesda gears up to launch the game later this year on November 11, for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Our first proper look at Starfield gameplay could be coming later this year in Summer 2022, according to past comments from Howard.

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