How to unlock Fortnite Haven Masks for additional styles

Fortnite Haven Masks are the latest unlockable styles available in the battle royale, but you’re going to need to put in work if you want to add them to your locker. That’s because there are 30 of these face coverings in total, and each one has their own quest to tick off before you unlock them – and even then, you still need to round up enough Fortnite Feathers so you can claim them all. This sounds like a big ask in Fortnite, which is why we’re here to break down all the information you need to know about how to unlock the Fortnite Haven Masks.

How to unlock Fortnite Haven Masks

Fortnite Haven Masks

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To start unlocking Fortnite Haven Masks, you first need to claim the Haven outfit from the Battle Pass Rewards screen. This is available on Page 5, meaning you’ll need to be at least season level 40 to access it, then claim all the other items on that page first as prerequisites – you’ll also need to purchase the Ronin outfit from Page 1 so you can then claim the Vest style on Page 5. You won’t start making any progress towards unlocking Fortnite Haven Masks until you claim the Haven outfit, so we recommend you do that as soon as possible.

Fortnite Haven Masks Quests

Fortnite Haven Masks

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To claim each of the Fortnite Haven Masks you need to spend a certain number of Feathers, which you can receive at random each time you open a Chest, as well a completing a prerequisite challenge for each mask to unlock it for purchase. These are the first set of Fortnite Haven Masks Quests, and you can track your progress through them by visiting the Haven’s Masks section of the Battle Pass menu:

  • All-Seeing Cat – Claim Haven Outfit (1)
  • Reanimated Cat – Catch a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and a Jellyfish (3)
  • Midnight Cat – Catch fish (20)
  • Autumn Stag – Consume different types of foraged items (3)
  • Skelle Stag – Gather foraged items at different Named Locations (3)
  • Primal Stag – Consume foraged items (25)
  • Elder Wolf – Hunt Chickens (5)
  • Cuddle Wolf – Hunt Boars (5)
  • Primal Wolf – Hunt Wolves (5)
  • Hidden Scales – Slide 300 meters (300)
  • Hypno Scales – Slide continuously for 8 seconds (1)
  • Glowing Scales – Deal damage to opponents while sliding (100)
  • Frosty Scavenger – Search Chests (10)
  • Golden Scavenger – Search Seven or IO chests (3)
  • Midnight Scavenger – Search Rare Chests (2)

Fortnite Haven Masks

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There is also a second set of Fortnite Haven Masks Quests available, which you can make progress through at the same time as the ones above. There’s no difference between the two sets, it’s just a convenient way of listing the full selection of items to unlock:

  • Spring Owl – Land on a tree after gliding (1)
  • Primal Owl – Glide 1000 meters (1,000)
  • Tropical Owl – Damage opponents within 10 seconds of gliding (1)
  • Dream Hopper – Drive a car, a Fortnite quadcrasher, and a boat (3)
  • Frosty Hopper – Air time while in a vehicle (10)
  • All-Seeing Hopper – Drive 5000 meters in a vehicle (5,000)
  • Friendly Klombo – Ride on a Fortnite Klombo for 10s (1)
  • Hungry Klombo – Feed a Klombo with a Fortnite Klomberry (1)
  • Grouchy Klombo – Deal damage to Klombos (50)
  • Tropical Chirper – Complete Daily Fortnite Quests (5)
  • Frosty Chirper – Complete Daily Quests (10)
  • Primal Chirper – Complete Daily Quests (20)
  • Fire Hunter – Claim Haven masks (5)
  • Snow Hunter – Claim Haven masks (15)
  • Eclipse Hunter – Claim Haven masks (25)

Make sure you’re gathering up Feathers at every opportunity, as there are 30 Fortnite Haven Masks overall to claim and after the initial free All-Seeing Cat style the remainder will set you back a total of 440 Feathers. You’ll add them automatically to your inventory when opening Chests so you don’t have to think about physically picking them up, just search all the Chests you encounter to maximise your Feather collection.

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