Where are Fortnite Hiding Places and how to destroy them

If you want to destroy Fortnite Hiding Places, then we can help. These Dumpsters and Port-a-Pottie usually  give you the opportunity to completely duck out of sight, making them even better than tucking yourself behind walls or diving into bushes when it comes to avoiding being spotted by your opponents. Both can be used for this in Fortnite, and although you may not have paid too much attention to them in the past, their inclusion in one of the recent Fortnite quests makes them immediately relevant if you want to earn some XP. In order to destroy them for that assignment you need to know where to find them, so we’ve got plenty of Fortnite Hiding Places locations here to help you on your way to tracking them down.

Fortnite Hiding Places locations

Fortnite Hiding Places locations map

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Fortnite Hiding Places locations are dotted all around the island in the form of Dumpsters and Port-a-Potties, which we’ve done our best to accurately map above – it isn’t meant to be an exhaustive listing but this gives you more than enough of them to be getting on with. You’ll mainly find these hiding places in built up areas beside buildings, and especially near Fortnite gas pumps at fuel stations. Make sure you only focus on Dumpster with open lids, because the closed ones won’t count as Fortnite Hiding Places as you can’t climb inside them.

How to destroy Fortnite Hiding Places

Fortnite Hiding Places

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Thankfully it’s not particularly difficult to destroy hiding places in Fortnite, once you know what you’re looking for. Whenever you spot an open Dumpster or a Port-a-Potty that can be hidden inside, simply smash it up with your harvesting tool or use whatever weapon you have to hand if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous. Destroy five of the Fortnite Hiding Places, and you’ll have cleared this particular quest from your list.

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