How to find the Fortnite secret door for the Indiana Jones quest

To find the Fortnite secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines, you’ve got to solve a symbol puzzle to reach the main chamber. Once you’ve got inside and evaded the Fortnite traps ahead, you can finally find that secret door. This challenge is part of the new Fortnite Indiana Jones quest, which sees you adventuring all over the island looking for relics and treasure to unlock the renowned archeologist’s gear. If you need to know how to solve the symbol puzzle, get the main chamber open, and find the Fortnite secret door within, here’s what you need to know.

How to unlock the Shuffled Shrines main chamber in Fortnite

fortnite shuffled Shrines

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Fortnite Reality Falls, Tilted Towers, and Shuffled Shrines locations

Fortnite reality falls point of interest

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Make sure you know how to reach the Reality Falls, Tilted Towers, and Shuffled Shrines locations in Fortnite

Before you can even attempt to find the secret door of the main chamber at Shuffled Shrines – which is one of the Fortnite Temples – you’ll need to unlock the door to the main chamber. Look for a large dirt clearing with a monstrous face carved into the rock wall on the ground floor of one of central structures as this is the door. Open the chamber door by rotating the four small totems with colored symbols on to enter a passcode.

The symbol code that you need to enter can be determined by looking for other broken symbol totems that have been scattered around Shuffled Shrines. Be aware that the symbols are different every time you come across the puzzle but the broken symbol totems are in the same place every time and always correspond to the same totems back at the chamber door. You can find the broken totems with the required symbols at these spots:

Fortnite Indiana Jones Shuffled Shrines Puzzle map

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  1. Underground in the southwest corner of Shuffled Shrines. Corresponds to the far left symbol totem.
  2. In the northwest corner of the northwest building in Shuffled Shrines. Corresponds to the middle-left totem.
  3. Under the stand with the red fabric roof in the north of Shuffled Shrines. Corresponds to the middle-right totem.
  4. Under the wooden walkways towards the northeast corner of Shuffled Shrines. Corresponds to the far right totem.

Fortnite indiana jones secret room broken totem

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Once you’ve noted what the colored symbols are (orange, blue, or yellow), head to the chamber door and rotate the totems appropriately to enter the correct passcode. Be warned that this is an absolute mess when lots of other people are here. Either try and befriend some like minded Indiana Joneses or fight until you’re the last Indy standing at Shuffled Shrines. Perhaps try heading to The Ruins and The Temple to find the Fortnite Durrrburger Relics instead if things are too dangerous.

The main chamber will open after the correct passcode has been entered to reveal a long corridor full of hidden traps. Make sure you don’t step on the brown floor tiles as these will trigger dart traps in the walls. You’ll then reach the proper main chamber with the Tomato Head idol sitting there. 

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines secret door location

Fortnite indiana jones secret room

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Now that you’re in the main chamber, you can optionally grab the idol, although this will cause a boulder to drop in and crash through the corridor – make sure you don’t get flattened by it – or you can run to the right to find a doorway in the wall that is lightly covered by a plant.

Fortnite indiana jones secret room

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Head through and then use your Harvesting Tool to break through some walls to eventually reach a couple more rooms with even more treasure! Simply reaching this secret room is enough to complete the Indiana Jones quest challenge, but obviously you can loot it all too and get some good stuff to help you win the battle royale.

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