France bans gaming terms like streamer and esports in an effort to preserve language purity

France has officially banned gaming terms such as ‘streamer’ and ‘esports’.

As reported by The Guardian (opens in new tab), French officials have outlawed the use of popular English gaming terms like “streamer” and “pro-gamer” in an effort to retain the purity of the French language. From now on, government officials will have to use “joueur-animateur en direct” instead of “streamer” and “jeu video de competition” when referring to “esports”.

Other terms given a French alternative include “cloud-gaming”, which will now be referred to as “jeu video en nuage” and “pro-gamer” will be replaced with “joueur professionnel”. The decision comes after the culture ministry informed the AFP (Agence France-Presse), a leading French news agency, that the video game sector was rife with English gaming terms and that these could act as “a barrier to understanding” for those who don’t play games. 

The more traditional terms have now been issued in the government’s official journal, making them mandatory for any government works, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will also be adopted by French media outlets and the wider French population. 

French is an undeniably beautiful language, and efforts to not have it filled with English gaming lingo is both understandable and admirable. But at the same time terms like “joueur-animateur en direct” don’t exactly roll of the tongue – so we might not see them being adopted outside of official government communications.

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