Games with Golds final Xbox 360 game is Portal 2

Portal 2 headlines the Games for Gold offering on Xbox systems next month in September.

Announced just earlier today on August 30 by Xbox, there’s no debate about which game is the main attraction for the Games with Gold service next month. Valve’s classic puzzler Portal 2 will be heading to the subscription service for the Xbox users across both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S next month starting from September 16 and rolling on until September 30.

Elsewhere on the roster for the coming month, Gods Will Fall and Thrillville both debut later this week on September 1. The former is a medieval action-adventure epic where your character takes up the fight against cruel overlord gods, while the latter is a management sim about constructing and maintaining your very own theme park.

Finally, Double Kick Heroes rounds out the Games with Gold offerings for September. Combining a rhythm game with a 2D action-packed shooter, you and your friend ride highways atop a modified Cadillac, battling it out against the evil forces coming to get you.

What’s interesting about Games with Gold this coming month is that it should be the final month where we see any Xbox 360 games added to the service. Xbox announced last month in July that new Xbox 360 titles would cease to be added to Games with Gold later this year in October, meaning Portal 2 might very well be the final ‘new’ 360 game to make an appearance. If Portal 2 really is the final Xbox 360 game, it’s going out on an undisputed high.

Alternatively, head over to our best games on Xbox Game Pass guide if you’re looking to get the very best out of Microsoft’s other subscription service. 

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