Genshin Impact fans celebrate the long-awaited rerun of the best character in the game

Kazuha, who’s at the top of our list of the best Genshin Impact characters for good reason, is finally getting a rerun banner, to the delight of fans who’ve been waiting an entire year.

Developer Hoyoverse announced the Genshin Impact 2.8 livestream earlier today, and the teaser art for the big reveal includes male protagonist Aether, talkative princess Fischl, and good-old Kazuha. These teasers reliably indicate which characters will appear in each update’s quests and banners, so we can safely assume that Kazuha will be up for grabs in patch 2.8. We don’t know if he’ll be on the update’s first or second wave of banners, but the possibility alone was enough to resuscitate long-hibernating Kazuha wanters. 

KAZUHA 30, 2022

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Good luck on pulling this samurai boy, kazuha wanters!🫶#原神 #Kazuther #カズ空 28, 2022

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she’s still locked 30, 2022

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Kazuha was first released in update 1.6 back in July 2021. He was technically the first playable Inazuma character, though he arrived before the release of the actual Inazuma region. Genshin Impact has since gone through the entire Inazuma story arc, even filling it out with the sub-region Enkanomiya, but Kazuha hasn’t gotten a rerun the entire time despite appearing in multiple quests and events. 

Even after all this time, Kazuha is still one of the most unique and powerful characters in the game. His skill is great for grouping up small enemies and it lets you double-jump mid-air, while his elemental burst deals solid damage in a wide area. That said, his greatest selling point is a passive ability which converts his elemental mastery into a team-wide damage boost for any element he swirls. Coupled with the Viridescent Venerer artifact set, this gives Kazuha one of the best damage boosts in the entire game. In fact, depending on the stats and scaling of your party’s main DPS character, Kazuha can provide the biggest damage boost possible. 

You can slot Kazuha into almost any elemental team and improve it considerably, so he’s a pretty safe character to Wish for. With Inazuma seemingly on its way out given the rise of Genshin Impact update 3.0 leaks, we may not see him again for quite some time, so Kazuha wanters will probably want to dip into their saved Primogems for this one. 

The Genshin Impact 3.0 beta is reportedly starting soon. 

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