Genshin Impacts first 5-star skin costs $30

The new Diluc skin coming in Genshin Impact 2.8 is the game’s first-five star outfit, and it’s got a five-star price tag of $30.

A new post (opens in new tab) from developer Hoyoverse explains the skin’s pricing and availability. When the skin Red Dead of Night arrives with update 2.8, it will cost you 1,980 Genesis Crystals, which is about $30 worth (not accounting for first-time top-up bonuses). This discount will last through August 22.  

However, once the skin’s launch discount ends, it will go for 2,480 Genesis Crystals, which is about $40 due to the way the currency is bundled. That would take one $30 pack of 1,980 and two $5 packs of 300 (which you should never actually buy since the $5 Welkin pass also comes with 300 Genesis Crystals on top of 30 days of rewards). 

This is a bit pricier compared to the previous, four-star skins added to Genshin, two of which were for five-star characters. The outfit for Jean, which was released in the previous Golden Apple Archipelago event – the rerun of which will precede Diluc’s skin – was 1,350 crystals at launch and 1,680 afterward. The same goes for Keqing’s skin, while Barbara and Ningguang’s skins were given out for free during their respective updates and then subsequently listed in the shop for 1,680 crystals. 

The main difference between Diluc’s skin and Genshin’s previous outfits is its range of added effects. On top of new clothes, Red Dead of Night gives Diluc new idle animations, dialogue, and combat effects, with his signature fiery attacks taking on a darker, almost bloody flame. Players have been asking for more embellished skins since the release of Jean’s outfit, and they’re finally getting their wish – for a commensurate price. At least the less-flashy Fischl skin also coming in 2.8 will be free.  

A double-whammy of trailers has left Genshin Impact players thirsty for bad guys and hungry for Dendro, and we haven’t even gotten to the Genshin Impact 3.0 characters yet. 

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