George R.R. Martin reveals he did “just a bit of worldbuilding” on Elden Ring

George R.R. Martin, the legendary author behind Game of Thrones, has taken to his website to reveal the extent of his work on Elden Ring.

The action RPG, which is being created by Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware, is heading to consoles next February and fans have long wondered the extent of Martin’s work on the game. On his Not A Blog (opens in new tab), ahem, blog, the Game of Thrones writer said that the team From Software approached him to help with “just a bit of worldbuilding: a deep, dark, resonant world to serve as a foundation for the game they planned to create.” 

To Martin’s credit, he freely admits that he isn’t a gamer – although he does highlight Master of Orion, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Railroad Tycoon as some old-school faves he used to play – but that the opportunity to work with the team at FromSoftware was “too exciting to refuse”.

In a small but revealing detail, Martin says he finished up his work, sent it off, and then “years passed.” So whatever work he did do on the game has long since been polished off, leaving him free to carry on with writing The Winds of Winter, a book that will almost certainly see the light of day sometime this century. 

This is just the latest scrap of information to come through about Elden Ring in recent weeks, after a recent Network Test allowed players to experience the Lands Between, the mythical setting of the RPG. 

With an Edge magazine world exclusive interview with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki coming up though, expect plenty more news about one of next year’s most exciting titles in the days ahead.

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