Get the lowest price on 3D printer resin to fill up your machine with these deals

If you need to stock up, you can currently save up to 24% on 3D printer resin from one of the biggest brands. Namely, there’s a lightning deal for 1kg of gray Anycubic UV Photopolymer Resin – you can get it for $24.99 at Amazon (was $32.99) (opens in new tab), and that’s its lowest ever cost.

It’s not the only 3D printer resin deal going at the moment either. A full 1kg of Anycubic’s SLA UV-Curing Resin in gray is now 20% at Amazon (opens in new tab), bringing the total cost down to $31.99 instead of almost $40. That’s the cheapest its been since last year. 

In much the same way, Elegoo’s 1kg Standard Photopolymer Resin in gray has tumbled back down to $28.04 at Amazon (opens in new tab) rather than $40.99, a drop of 34% in total. We’ve been hands-on with this particular 3D printer resin, and it’s a good option for beginners because it’s a little more forgiving for beginners than some alternatives.

Finally, 1kg of Elegoo’s Water Washable Photopolymer Resin in gray has been slashed in price by 20%, bringing it down to $39.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab). We’ve used this one as well and it’s great if you’d prefer to avoid the faff of washing your prints in IPA. That means you can get miniatures for the best tabletop RPGs with much less fuss.

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Anycubic UV Photopolymer Resin (1kg, gray) | $32.99 $24.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save 24% – Seeing as this is a lightning deal that brings us back to the 3D printer resin’s lowest price, we’d move quick to secure this discount.

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Elegoo Standard Photopolymer Resin (1kg, gray) | $40.99 $28.04 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save 34% – If you want a great resin for beginners, you could do a lot worse than this. Besides being ridiculously cheap thanks to today’s 3D printer resin deals, it’s easy to work with and pretty forgiving.

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Need a new machine or tempted to invest in your first one? You can currently get the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro for $189.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) instead of $310, and that discount of 39% is a steal on what is an excellent beginner 3D resin printer.

Not tempted by these offers? You can find some other resin 3D printer deals below, all curated by our bargain-hunting software.

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