God of War gets a Simpsons Hit & Run makeover in this brilliant mod

God of War has gotten a Simpsons Hit & Run makeover thanks to this brilliant mod.

Kratos is undoubtedly one of the sternest game characters out there. But what would happen if the gruff God of War protagonist was replaced with, well, his exact opposite, the goofy father of the Simpsons family, Homer Simpson? Thanks to this brilliant mod for 2018’s God of War, that question has just been answered. 

The mod, created by Omega Fantasy (opens in new tab) and shared by YouTuber ToastedShoes (opens in new tab), sees both Kratos and Atreus replaced with Homer and Bart Simpson. In the video, we see Homer battling enemies with his trusty baseball bat, ‘Wonder bat’, while out hunting in the forest with Bart. The dialogue between the duo is hilarious and wonderfully realistic, thanks to some impressive voice impersonations. But the real highlight of the mod comes about halfway through ToastedShoes’ video, when Homer and Bart get a visit from The Stranger, only it isn’t Baldur; instead, it’s their jolly ‘neighbourino’ Ned Flanders.

God of War has been particularly popular with modders in the four years since its launch. Recently we’ve seen a mod for Sony Santa Monica’s reboot that uses unused Kratos voice lines for awful dad jokes. There’s also one that lets you step into the considerably smaller shoes of Atreus, fending off the game’s many foes with a hail of arrows. And this is far from modder Omega Fantasy’s first stab at the series; they’ve previously created a mod that replaces Kratos in God of War with his Fortnite counterpart, among many others.

God of War Ragnarok is just one of the many great games launching on Sony’s new-gen console. Check out our upcoming PS5 games guide to see all the new PS5 games for 2022 and beyond. 

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