God of War Ragnarok merch appears to be arriving this summer

God of War Ragnarok merchandise appears to be arriving this summer, further hinting at a release date locked in for 2022.

As noted by various Twitter users over the past day (via resetera (opens in new tab)), retailers have begun listing merchandise for the new game. In the UK, Geeky Zone lists apparel and plushes with an estimated release date of September 30. Elsewhere, retailer Entertainment Earth is offering a similar selection that is claims is “coming in June 2022.”

A batch of God Of War Ragnarok merchandise have been spotted on Geeky Zone in the UK with majority of them with having an September date. Source: https://t.co/VSLoeeNPLa pic.twitter.com/VW6hyeTJ0CMay 26, 2022

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All of the items listed come from Jinx, a US merch store with official ties to PlayStation, which has previously provided items for a number of Sony titles, including the Horizon series and the 2018’s God of War. 

The appearance of the merchandise came around the same time that a rating for God of War Ragnarok appeared on the Korean rating board. While there’s been no news from Sony yet, that’s two clues in quick succession which seem to hint that we’ll be getting a release date announcement relatively soon. A not-insignificant period of radio silence on that front over the past few months lead some to believe that God of War Ragnarok might have been delayed out of 2022, but there’s now renewed hope in a late summer/early fall launch. If that’s the case, an official announcement seems increasingly likely, particularly with the E3 2022 conference season on the horizon.

The likelihood of some kind of showcase also rose with the appearance of a project that appears to be Returnal on PC storefront Steam. Codenamed Oregon, that listing references Housemarque’s roguelite multiple times, but once again there’s been no official confirmation from Sony, meaning a show could take place soon.

Struggling to keep track of all these developments? Our list of upcoming PS5 games should make things a little more simple.

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