God of War Ragnarok studio calls for respect in the wake of harassment of developers

God of War developer Sony Santa Monica has called for respect among its community as tensions rise over Ragnarok’s reportedly delayed reveal.

Over the past week or so, there’s been, well, a hell of a lot of attention on Sony Santa Monica. While it was initially reported that God of War Ragnarok’s release date was meant to be announced by the end of June, the month came and went without such an announcement, leading to eager fans taking out their frustration on the developers themselves. 

Now, Sony Santa Monica has called for respect via the new message published to their official Twitter account, seen just below. The developer acknowledges the fan base’s passion for new information, but notes that passion should never become toxic, and developers themselves should never be subjected to degradation.

pic.twitter.com/fd5ZYp6lxmJuly 1, 2022

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While Sony Santa Monica has disabled replies to the tweet, industry leaders have spoken out in the quote retweets section to voice their support for the developer. Xbox general manager Aaron Greenberg is among those voicing support for the studio, as is Life is Strange: True Colors actor Katy Bentz.

In short, this is an incredibly messy situation, with reports of reveals and delays of said reveals coming thick and fast over the last week. You can head over to our full God of War Ragnarok reveal drama explained feature for a complete look back on the last two weeks or so of absolute chaos and confusion. 

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