Gotham Knights lead says Nightwing has raided the Bat Cave for his tools

A Gotham Knights lead has shared new insights into Nightwing and Red Hood’s combat capabilities.

Earlier this month, Gotham Knights showed off brand new gameplay starring the two heroes taking on a horde of bad guys in Gotham City. Now, in a recent Discord (opens in new tab) Q&A session, Gotham Knights creative director Patrick Redding has delved into detail on the thinking behind Nightwing and Red Hood’s various abilities.

As first reported by Eurogamer (opens in new tab), Redding reveals the idea behind Nightwing’s arsenal was to make it look like he’d been through Batman’s tool shed. “We liked the death-defying angle of him looking at all the various stealth drones in Batman’s arsenal and calculating that he could just get away with hanging off one of the smaller models and still be able to maintain or gain altitude with it,” Redding said.

Nightwing also has a Flying Trapeze ability to glide gracefully over Gotham’s rooftops, which apparently feels a lot different to the likes of Batgirl’s traditional cape. Nightwing’s Flying Trapeze “blends really well with his bigger parkour and leap moves, as well as with grappling,” adds Redding.

If you’re unfamiliar with Red Hood’s backstory, he was murdered and subsequently resurrected via the Lazarus Pit, which Redding reveals the developers at WB Montreal are tapping into. “We really liked the idea that as Jason starts to confront the trauma of dying and being brought back, he begins to be able to tap into some lost abilities,” the creative director said.

Apparently Red Hood is trying to “reinvent himself from anti-hero to hero” over the course of Gotham Knights, and this leads to him giving a lot of thought to how he uses his weapons and powers. “We’ll see that the Mystic Leap is just one manifestation of those powers,” Redding concluded.

Gotham Knights launches later this year on October 25 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. It’s only coming to new-gen consoles however, as last-gen versions have been cancelled to better the development of the final game.

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