GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X update finally adds a motion blur slider

The latest GTA 5 update includes a motion blur slider for PS5 and Xbox Series X users along with a laundry list of handy fixes. 

The full patch notes (opens in new tab) outline dozens of minor tweaks and improvements, and there are some standout changes for several platforms. New-generation players should no longer run into prolonged loading screens when jumping into GTA Online from story mode, for instance, and Xbox Series X | S users won’t randomly lose game audio after opening console features like the Xbox guide or joining an Xbox party. 

Open-world and online games are a goldmine for bizarre patch notes, and GTA 5 is still delivering after all these years. An issue that could cause your GTA Online friends to appear in story mode as NPC contacts was fixed in the latest update, and Rockstar also squashed a bug which “caused a significant drop in frame rate after selecting a neon interior for your vehicle while having Chameleon paint applied.” On PS5 specifically, an issue which caused the DualSense’s haptic triggers to come on a little “too strong” after applying Hao’s Special Works to the Grotti Turismo Classic has also been fixed.

PS4 and Xbox One also benefited from this update, but last-gen consoles received comparatively minor fixes overall. The biggest change is probably a fix for a bug which could prevent your GTA Online progress from being saved. Miscellaneous crashes and black screens were also addressed, along with a persistent shooting range bug which could cause your guns to disappear. 

The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of GTA 5 have seemingly removed transphobic content from the game. 

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