Guardians of the Galaxy players tried nearly 20 million times to close that pesky fridge

Guardians of the Galaxy fans really, really want to keep the fridge on the Milano closed. 

It’s so important to them, in fact, that the official Guardians of the Galaxy game Twitter account shared a fun fact recently. Players have made a whopping 18.6 million (failed) attempts at keeping that door shut since the game debuted.

“We admire the tenacity,” the tweet’s accompanying text reads. 

We admire the tenacity 28, 2022

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It’s a seemingly insurmountable task, keeping that fridge door closed. Peter Quill, or Star-Lord if you prefer, hangs out aboard the Milano with the rest of the Guardians. It acts as a hub area between missions, and it’s home to the infamous fridge. 

As you go out and complete tasks and return here and there, more often than not you’ll find that the fridge door is still open. Despite your best efforts, you just can’t keep it shut. You can press a button to close it, but it’ll be open the next time you come around. 

It’s such an important part of the core Milano experience, apparently, that players can’t stop trying to keep it shut. While there are certainly plenty of ways the game works to make players feel as though they’re part of an ever-changing story where their decisions and actions matter, the fridge remains at the core of it all. 

It’s a great example of how so many small details can make for a memorable experience when used properly. And do you think knowing this number of attempts is going to stop players from the futile endeavor of keeping that fridge door closed? No. No, it’s not. Just give into the desire, even though you have to know all the food in that fridge has to be disgusting and ruined by now. 

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